Excerpt from Chapter 6 – “The Updates”

The Journey Through Cancer: How to Lose 25 lbs. Without Diet or Exercise, and Be Cancer Free in 8 Months | Jim Serritella

Excerpt from Chapter 6 – “The Updates”:

This chapter of The Journey includes the status reports of my
wife’s condition as she passed various stages. Mention is made
to the evolution of change, as presented earlier, and the different
stages. CHANGE HAPPENS. Expect it, accept it, go with it, and be
ready for the next level of change.

Initially, the updates were sent to a small group of friends and associates.
By the time Update 5 came out, it had become a small e-mail
blast to more than a hundred people. My wife’s condition was of great
concern to all. There are nine update messages in all. I’ve included the
updates to guide you through a similar format or style if you care to
replicate an update to your friends and acquaintances. I have include a
brief comment for you after each update message.

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