Excerpt from Chapter 7 – “The Conclusion, Not the End”

The Journey Through Cancer: How to Lose 25 lbs. Without Diet or Exercise, and Be Cancer Free in 8 Months | Jim Serritella

Excerpt from Chapter 7 – “The Conclusion, Not the End”:

The goal was to be cancer-free. We have met the goal—at a price.
Time has to be paid to the keeper, for the last two chemo
treatements were extensive and drawn out due to the additional UTI
problems. The recovery time has been extended to an unknown
date. Actually, some days are reasonably OK, but then some days are
a killer and the right underarm chest pain is prolonged for the day.
More Tylenol or prescribed pain medication is taken as needed. A
chest operation requires several muscles to be sliced to provide
space to remove a lung mass and lobe; ribs must be separated for
space and access. The body must heal and recover from this procedure
in due time.

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