What a great surprise!

It was a delight to find this in my email from Deacon Ed Close of St. Paul Catholic Church.


Happy Labor Day, Jim! I wanted to let you know that I finally finished reading the cancer journey weight-loss book. Thanks for the gift of the book and thanks for the little nudge you gave me to read it as you were speaking with Fr. Dennis this weekend.

I found it both good and interesting. Although I learned a few things medically, the book wasn’t particular technical – nor was that your intent. A few themes resonated more than others:

– The inevitability of change and the need to accept it.
– The “team” approach to addressing a cancer diagnosis and care
– An appreciation for prayer
– The need to question and fully understand doctors on diagnosis, procedures, treatment, strategy, etc.

I’m glad you were able to position yourself to be such an effective
advocate for Betty.

Thank you again for sharing. With His Peace, Ed

Deacon Ed Close
St. Paul Catholic Church
Damascus, MD.

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