The Great Ant-Acid Caper


Recently I received an email:

I read the section about “over the counter ant-acid medication”.  Does that include Zantac and Tums?  The prescription pills give me a stomach ache.  Teri V.

My response was:

Yes – Zantac and Tums can be used for over the counter ant-acid medication, but be sure to let your Dr. know you have difficulty taking the prescription medication, there may be other options available.

The email jogged my memory about one of the more bizarre things that happened while writing ‘The Journey Through Cancer’.

Betty had found Zantac to be effective in mitigating some of the side effects from the treatments. Wishing to give credit where credit is due, I contacted Zantac asking permission  to use their name in the book. The answer was a resounding “NO”. OK… their name is not in the book!


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