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Words About Prayer

During the second week after the book was published, I received an email wanting to more about the introductory sentence I cited in chapter 4 – prayer.  The email asked about the history of the phrase, information on the religious order of Christian Brothers, and where I went to school in Chicago growing up.

 “That’s a great opening line to all prayer.”  I’m just outside of St. Paul Minnesota.   Claude S.

I believe there are many facets to conquering cancer. Without science and medicine it would be a daunting task indeed, but they are not the only things in play. Outlook, lifestyle, and faith are also invaluable tools

As I mention throughout the book, prayer is an essential part of the cancer recovery process. Regardless of your faith or denomination, you need a level of prayer and dedication to get through the journey.  I attended a Catholic HS –  St. Patrick H.S. in Chicago, Illinois – centennial class 1961.



I am sure it has changed a great deal over the past half century.

Students and faculty routinely say an hourly and half-hour prayer throughout the day.  These prayers are always prefaced with the introductory sentence – “Let us remember we are in the holy presence of God, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”  And similarly – the prayer ends with the phrase, “Live Jesus in our hearts forever.”  The Christian Brother order was founded in France by Jean-Baptiste de La Salle.  The order is now based in Rome, Italy.

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